Nightlife is an information-based application allowing you to search for any bars, pubs and clubs. Just simply enter keywords, location, number of people or theme, you can get all the drinking information you want. Don't wait any more! Download and meet up your friends at bars.
Gather people togehter
Check-in a bar or a club to get yourself involved in it. After checking-in, you start joining the Nightlife party or can even join promotion event. Nightlife app provides you an opportunity to widen your social network. Let's check-in tonight.
Connect people with the same interest
Meeting new friends and exploring new bars and clubs. After checked-in a bar or a club, you can send a message to anyone checked-in and make a new friend even you are shy to do so. You can also send messages to your existing friends in Facebook.
No worries to have no ideas
of where to go and what to do
Nightlife related events can be found in our app. We are welcome for bars and clubs to contact us and add their events in. You can get first-hand event information and invite your friends to join with you.